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July Release: JavaScript!

With this release Napkin supports Javascript (ES6 and CommonJS) and all NPM modules. You can try it now in the sandbox (switch from Python 3.8 to Node.js). Also, you can also create a new Node.js function in your dashboard.
To get started, define a default export with 2 optional parameters: req and res. For more information, check out the new JavaScript docs.
Other Notable Features and Improvements
We’ve shipped some additional features to our editor since our last changelog entry. We quietly added these in June after taking in your feedback. Until we have a better feedback system, please continue reaching out to us on regular channels or email us at [email protected].
  • Production logs now contain grouped logs with the request and response of every call to your function.
  • Added better docs that are connected to our new wiki. The docs in the editor have context for your function’s language/runtime so you are directed to the relevant docs for each language.
  • Added tooltips to every button without a text label on the editor, including the status dot which now shows state in plain English when hovering over the dot.
  • Improved environment variables: placed in second row tabs and now shows all environment variables even when adding new ones.
  • Output now appears permanently in the second row after hitting “run” for the first time. This solves the debugging issue of not being able to reference errors after hitting run.
  • Added a full screen or maximize/minimize shortcut to the editor. Simply press f when not inside your code.
  • Removed unnecessary UI from public Napkin functions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug of not being able to undo changes after navigating away from code inside the editor.
  • Fixed a bug in polling for modules.
  • Fixed accessibility of endpoint URL path. You can now tab over to add or edit your function’s URL path, enter/exit with enter and also exit with esc.
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