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Product newsletter from the team behind Napkin

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Scheduled Functions

Join the discussion on TwitterYou can now configure your Napkin functions to run on a schedule! Easily configure your functions to run every minute, every hour, or every day - no cron syntax needed. See more at


New Logs UI and Request Replay

New Logs UIWe've upgraded the Logs UI to make it simpler to monitor your function's incoming requests, responses, and console logs.Replay RequestsFrom the new Event Logs UI, you can now "replay" requests that your function has received. This is handy for retr…


JavaScript Code Completion

JavaScript Code CompletionThe JavaScript editing experience just got an upgrade with better code completion! The Napkin editor now supports the following:Auto complete default endpoint signatureAuto complete store moduleType hints for (req, res) function para…


Key Value Store

Key Value StoreWith Napkin's built-in key-value store, you can persist data across all your function executions. Simply import the store module to use the API.Node.jsimport { store } from 'napkin'await store.put('favColor', 'blue')Pythonfrom napkin import sto…


API Authentication, Files, and More!

We now support one-click API Authentication for your Napkin functions, which ensures your function can only be accessed with an API key. Head over to the new "Other" tab in the Napkin editor to toggle API authentication on.Also, you can now also add files to …


July Release: JavaScript!

With this release Napkin supports Javascript (ES6 and CommonJS) and all NPM modules. You can try it now in the sandbox (switch from Python 3.8 to Node.js). Also, you can also create a new Node.js function in your dashboard.To get started, define a default exp…


Functions Context

You can now see visibility (public/private) and deployed status (deployed, changes, not deployed) from the "All Napkin Functions" view in your dashboard.ImprovementsAdded error handling for offline connection and other errors for dashboard.Fixed typo on login…


Production Logs

We're releasing production logs to all user accounts and Napkin functions. The new production log UI allows you to retrieve all-time logs on your deployed production endpoints. This replaces the old logs which had to be saved as a .txt file and only showed th…


Request Body

Run/test your Napkin function with a body/payload as text or JSON in the test request, directly from the Napkin editor.ImprovementsCombined General and Editor settings into one tab.All path parameters are available in Run Options and final duplicate key is va…


Environment Variables

Define environment key-value pairs that can be referenced from within your Napkin function. These values get encrypted automatically when stored. Environment variables provide a more secure, configurable way to store sensitive information needed by your funct…


Delete Functions

Throw it in the trash! You can now delete your Napkin functions.ImprovementsNapkin Editor now has wider width in dashboard.Code editor now auto-completes built-in Python functions.Code minimap is now disabled by default.Logging in now shows a loading state.


Sharing Functions

We're excited to release the very first new feature since our beta launch: sharing! Now you can share read-only, public links to your Napkin functions.To allow sharing, first deploy your function. Then, you can click the share button and toggle your function …